This support group of DBSA Revere is a gathering of peers who assist, encourage, and enable each other in helping themselves. Each participant follows their own unique path to wellness and chooses to make that journey in the company of others headed in the same direction.  

Our meetings are designed to give everyone an opportunity to participate as they are comfortable. After reading our group guidelines, we will begin the meeting with a brief check-in.  After the check-in, we will have an open discussion about our mood disorders and share experiences, personal feelings, and strategies for living successfully with these conditions. After that, we will have a closing activity to help us leave committed to action and will finish at 7:45pm. 

Before we begin to talk with each other, we will review the guidelines for our discussion. We read the guidelines before each meeting to remind us that we are all responsible for following and committing to the group standards, which are in place to keep this group a safe place to share. Would anyone like to volunteer to read the guidelines?