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We are so glad that you found us.

This page offers some general information about DBSA Revere, its strengths, and its potential to help you on your journey. Explore! This website offers many excellent resources.

People have been referred to our support group by: 

  • current and past participants
  • partial hospitalization programs
  • inpatient hospitalization programs
  • mental health professionals
  • internet search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, Yandex, Ask, DuckDuckGo etc..) 
  • other DBSA Chapters / Affiliations

DBSA Revere Support Group Meetings are Held REMOTELY EVERY TUESDAY Evening.

Go to our HOME page for more information and the ZOOM link.

Insightful tips for attending our group:

  • The most important step is making it here for the first time (congrats!!!)
  • Time is needed to develop rapport, so stick with us! We recommend that you attend 3 – 4 groups before judging whether or not the experience is effective for you.
  • Keep an open mind. We discuss issues which may be sensitive, emotional, or new to some people. 
  • Another group member may be in crisis or may have experiences that are different from your own. 
  • Sometimes people need to speak, and do not need or want advice.  (opinions are not desired unless requested.)
  • When you have valuable insight to offer to others it helps create an authentic and supportive environment!
  • Groups like ours offer social contact and a common bond from which people may choose to develop friendships.  Try meeting up with members outside the group!
  • Keeping in mind that group members are vulnerable, we ask that you proceed slowly and mindfully when building new relationships.
  • We are not a 12-step program, nor do we offer group therapy. We are a self-help support group comprised of non-professional peers.
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you may leave and return another day. If you do leave, please inform the Tech Buddy / Facilitator so that we know that you are OK.

DBSA Revere sends out a weekly email reminder with a ZOOM link to our remote support group and other support information. Would you like a weekly email notification about meetings, cancellations, special events etc.. ?

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