A Partial¬†Hospitalization Program is an outpatient program¬†specifically designed for the diagnosis or active treatment of a serious mental disorder when there is a reasonable expectation for improvement or when it is necessary to maintain a patient’s functional level and prevent relapse or full¬†hospitalization.

North Shore

1. Salem Hospital

EPIC: REF 11963 AMB referral to NS Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

Fax: 978.740.4849


Tel: 978.354.4600

Readmission can be arranged through standard referral procedures to help with recurrent symptoms and additional support as needed.

2. Bay Ridge Hospital, Lynn, Beverly, Gloucester

a. BayRidge Hospital

60 Granite Street

Lynn, MA 01904

781 599-9200

b. Beverly Hospital

85 Herrick Street

Beverly, MA 01915

978 922-3000

c. Addison Gilbert Hospital

298 Washington Street

Gloucester, MA 01930

978 283-4000

Emergency Psychiatry Service

BayRidge Hospital

(800) 569-5608–services/health-services/behavioral-healthmental-health/partial-hospitalization-programs

Northeast Health System offers daytime programs that provide alternatives to hospitalization for psychiatric illness and addictions. Clients are supervised while participating in the programs, but sleep at home and maintain their independent functioning and ties to their family and community.

The programs are located at Beverly Hospital, Bay Ridge Hospital in Lynn, and Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester. Transportation is provided where available so that the Partial Hospital Programs are accessible to clients throughout the North Shore.


The Partial Hospitalization Program offers special tracks for mental health and addiction/dual diagnosis. Located on the campuses of Beverly Hospital and Bay Ridge Hospital in Lynn, Partial Hospitalization is an intensive, short-term and high structured treatment program designed to continue gains and to prevent relapse and hospital admission.

Participants receive individualized, goal-oriented psycho-therapeutic and educational treatment to support their recovery efforts, whether from mental illness, addiction, or both. Clients often access the program to transition back to the community after inpatient treatment or instead of hospitalization when an intensive program without 24-hour supervision is needed.

The program’s full services area available five days a week and additional weekend support can be arranged. The Program utilizes a disease and recovery model for psychiatric and addiction disorders and features:

* Access to psychiatric care for the treatment of symptoms as clients continue their progression toward stabilization

* Attainment of cognitive and behavioral skills needed to manage symptoms and to develop new social supports

* Identification of behavior and attitude changes necessary to achieve and maintain successful recovery, including how to effectively manage relapse

* Education of participants and their families regarding the factors that may have led to the episode

* Arrangements for ongoing outpatient treatment and when indicated, participation in community-based AA or NA meetings


Specific program components include:

* Therapeutic and psycho-educational groups

* Case management

* Daily psychiatric and psycho-pharmacologic assessment

* Family meetings, when indicated

* Twelve-step oriented recovery program


The Partial Hospitalization Program staff includes psychiatrists, social workers, mental health counselors, substance abuse specialists, and nurses, each professionally trained in their area of specialization. Participants meet with their primary clinician and their psychiatrist on a daily basis.


The Discover Program is similarly structured to the Partial Hospitalization Program. For more about Discover, click here.

3. McLean, Belmont

The Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program is best-suited to adults with diagnoses such as mood and anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and substance use disorders who are seeking intensive day treatment.

For information about our program during business hours, please contact:

Debra Flynn,

BHP Intake Coordinator

Phone: 617.855.3286

Referral Form Patients should have their outpatient provider fill out and return the form below so that staff can assess whether partial hospital care and this program is a good fit for the patient.

* BHP Provider Referral Form