DBSA Revere Guidelines For DBSA Groups and Meetings

By attending an online or in-person support group at DBSA Revere, you agree to comply with the following guidelines:

  • PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE while attending an online group meeting: This is to obey the laws of the road and also not to be a distraction to the driver or the group, and to stay safe.

  • DBSA Revere invites all who cope with mood disorders, and their family and friends, to support each other through sharing and caring.

  • We share our feelings, experiences, and coping strategies by sharing only our personal experiences.

  • We treat all with compassion and dignity.

  • We do not confront, judge, or discriminate.

  • We are all equal: We accept cultural, linguistic, social, racial, and all other differences and we promote their acceptance.

  • We are careful not to impose our views on others. Differences of opinion are o.k.: We are all entitled to our own point of view.

  • We maintain confidentiality. What we say here stays here. Please be careful when attending an online group to ensure that no one is privy to what you or others in the group are saying. If you are not in a private room, please use headphones.

  • To ensure safety and confidentiality, please refrain from talking about other members in or outside of support groups.

  • We avoid the following topics as they may unintentionally harm some participants: politics, graphic sexual themes, suicidal methods, and details of traumatic events.

  • We share the air. Everyone who wishes to share has an opportunity to do so. No one person should monopolize group time.

  • It’s o.k. not to share: People don’t have to share if they don’t want to.

  • We refrain from interrupting participants during group. One person speaks at a time: Each person should be allowed to speak without interruption or side conversations.

  • While many may find comfort in the embrace of religion and spirituality, we do not impose our views on others.

  • Smartphones may be used to attend an online meeting but please refrain from using them for any other purposes during a meeting. Note-taking by participants is not allowed.

  • Our groups are peer-led and thus are not therapy groups. Group leaders are not therapists, but trained volunteers whose primary goal is to maintain the safety and integrity of the group.

  • We use “I” language: Because we don’t participate in discussion groups as credentialed professionals, we can’t instruct. We can, however, share from our own personal experiences. For example, instead of saying “you should do X,” say “when I was faced with a similar problem, I . . .” We should always frame our comments in the context of our own experiences

  • Do not attend DBSA meetings or events while impaired by alcohol, recreational cannabis, or any illegal substance.

  • Smoking (of any kind) is not allowed during Zoom meetings.

  • Most meetings have support buddies who meet with individuals who want or need one-on-one attention. If a group member is unable to follow the guidelines or needs more help than the group can offer, the facilitator may refer that person to other resources on our website (dbsarevere.org) or may remove that person from the meeting.

By joining any DBSA online group or meeting, you agree to hold DBSA harmless for any potential breach of confidentiality and/or discomfort within the meeting. DBSA expects but cannot guarantee complete confidentiality due to the semi-public nature of online groups.

These guidelines apply to online and in-person DBSA support groups, Facilitator meetings, Share Care meetings, Board meetings, and all other DBSA-sponsored meetings.